Ashes InFused Glass Cremation Art Photo Memorial Candle 5x8

$ 490.09

Handmade Memorial Cremation Jewelry and Cremation Memorials. Kiln Formed Memorial Glass. Cremation Jewelry, Cremation Wind Chimes, Cremation Sun Catchers, Cremation Rings, Cremation Bracelets, Cremation Key Chains Infused With Ashes inside Glass by Infusion Glass Artist Joele Williams

Cremation Ashes InFused in Glass

Imagine cremation ashes captured forever into an unbelievable work of art. Infused into glass that can be handed down from generation to generation. What better way to capture the spirit . I create one-of-a-kind works of art and jewelry that Infuses your ashes forever into glass.
Because every individual is different I work one on one with you to help you choose the right cremation keepsake for you. I create each unique work of art with love. I am gentle and respectful of the cremation ashes you provide me, and return any unused cremation ashes.
Placing your cremation ashes into glass is a beautiful, respectful, and loving way to show your appreciation and remembrance for the life that brought you so much joy. A glass cremation keepsake is the perfect way to show your love and remembrance and can be handed down from generation to generation.