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From the care and detail gone into the glass infused art, to the quality of the suppliers we use. At Infusion Glass we stand behind the quality of our glass and jewelry-making metals. We are proud of the quality of the conditions under which our glass and metal is produced
right here in the USA. From our handmade made sheet glass made in Oregon, to our jewelry supplies made with recycled silver metals and recycled gold metals made in New Mexico. We are focused on supporting the sustainability of these materials through recycling and reuse.As well we offer a satisfaction guarantee for everything created at Infusion Glass. See policies below 








     Review from Kate Oct 25th 2021


Reviews from Etsy



If you want a beautiful keepsake of your loved one than I cannot even imagine considering someone else to transform their energy into a work of art. Not only is Joele extremely conscientious of you and your loved one but beyond compassionate and caring in all of the process. I am overwhelmed at how professional n thoughtful she was in handling this for me n helping me heal in the process. She is expedient n treats every single customer as if they are a friend. I will definitely be back n will spread the word to everyone at how amazing this art is. ~Jennifer


The best! Excellent communication. If you want a special piece to carry your loved one or pet, stop here. The most in depth, sincere, thoughtful process I have ever heard of. Pride and respect is given at all times and the outcome is an amazing one of a kind special ring that expresses your love. Thank you so much for speaking with me about my purchase and your process. Thanks for honestly caring about what you do and understanding what I am going through as well. I will wear it forever for my baby girl! ~Lisa

 Joele created treasures which will provide a lifetime of enjoyment as we remember our loved one. She designed a scene which captured our description. I especially appreciated the sincere interest and respect she gave to the entire project. She sent daily updates and sought to provide a perfect remembrance for all my items. I rarely take the time to go in and rate items and I have never been more pleased with the craftsmanship of the items. -Linda

Joele's art is breathtaking. She immediately opened her arms and embraced our ideas. She mindfully sketched our vision for our memorial piece.
I can't recommend Joele enough. She is truly talented and we are blessed that she will forever be connected to our family. ~Sarah 

I am so overjoyed by how completely perfect my dedication piece turned out! Joele is an amazing and conscientious artist and she worked so closely with me to bring my vision to life! The process was a beautiful experience and I am so happy!~Julie

We had rings made to commemorate our grandfather, and Joele was amazing to work with. She handled our grandfather with respect, was extremely speedy, and was an all around joy to work with. When the rings arrived, they were far more beautiful than the pictures indicated. Thank you for creating something to wonderful to help us keep the memory of our grandfather alive!~Cynthia      

Losing a loved one is difficult on every level but Joele made this particular choice easy and comforting. Not only did she create beautiful pieces, I knew that while she created them, she was treating my son like family and I trusted her completely with the entire process. If you are looking for a professional, compassionate artist to trust with your loved ones ashes and to help you through this process, you have found her. Thank you Joele, I will always have my son near me with your beautiful pieces and the comforting memory of the love and compassion you shared with me.~Regan


infusion glass cremation jewelry and art

Policies and Things to know: by purchasing you agree to the following

Human memorials available Here as well as any loved one in your family.

Message me any time. Messages and emails go right to my phone.

Shipping including collection kit

Studio Schedule AVERAGE WAIT IS 15 TO 30 DAYS AFTER ASH ARRIVAL Excluding Holidays and Busy Seasons. The studio can be booked up to 45 days back during extremely busy times. Patience is appreciated.

How much ashes do I need? Just a pinch. 1 small dime size amount of the powered ashes can make 10 rings and pendants. 1small teaspoon can make 50 rings and 10 larger items. I encourage you to send as little as possible. If you ordered 2 items don't send twice as much. Please. : )

Studio days are Monday through Friday- Closed Holidays All Shipping is on Monday OR Friday only unless it is a fill yourself necklace.

It is important while designing your custom memorial that I can feel connected with you and the loved one being honored. I would appreciate a copy of a photo and any other information about your loved one when you send your loved one to help with the creation of your memorial. I am very respectful of spirit and light candles and hang pictures in studio and like to play music that your loved one would have enjoyed. I sincerely strive to make this emotional decision a warm and comforting experience. I want it to be a comforting experience. I understand sometimes there are no words or photos. during this instance I will still photograph the process and send the updates

Any unused ash will be returned along with your finished glass work.

REFUNDS.- By making payment for specialty work you are consenting for me to cook your ash into glass and know that it can never be returned to its original ash form. Cancelations, You will be charged 15$ cancellation fee for collection kit, shipping and supplies ordered, . you will be charged for any hours or time spent designing your art work for custom orders if you choose to cancel. As well as charged for supplies ordered. If you do not send me the ashes I can not do the work.  it is the customers responsibility to provide me with the ashes to make these custom items if you do not send the ashes I cannot make your work. Your order has no expiration date. 


RETURNS . only UNUSED fill yourself urn beads can be returned. Shipping cost will be deducted from refund on all Urn Beads 

all other items are custom made so they are not returnable or exchangeable 


If for any reason your unhappy with your keepsake I guarantee my work if it's made wrong. You have 30 days to request a remake of your work that's incorrect. If it's made correctly there's a fee and any shipping costs. No refunds on completed work. No exchanges for stone colors. You can exchange bands for a fee for stone cuttings and cost of supplies. Jewelry Colors are different in different light.

You have 30 days for cancellation of order to receive a partial refund. There is no full refund after 30 days you will be charged for collection kit and supplies ordered for you and a transaction fee. After 6 months NO Refunds. After 1 year if you have not sent in your ashes there is no cash refund. Your order becomes a store credit and can be used to exchange for a different item or items can be fulfilled without the ash. See Policy Page

Every batch of dichroic is unique made from oxide added to the air. It's not controlled. Each will have its own unique look.  Even the oxides left in your ashes can effect the outcome. Be sure you pick the color you want. 




ALL ORDERS AFTER 30 DAYS NO REFUNDS You have 30 days for cancellation of order to receive a partial refund. 

IMPORT FEE BY YOUR COUNTRY IN CUSTOMS. CONTACT ME FOR OVERSEAS SHIPPING insurance not applicable outside of U.S.. Not all countries allow ashes to be shipped. Collection kit takes 14-17 days to ship to areas overseas and have everything you need to ship back the ashes. Please use our Etsy store for international orders 

NO EXPIRATION on any order .. I understand it can take a long time to collect the ashes. I will always honor your order no matter how long ago purchased.


NOTICE* no two items will ever look the same. each one is made by hand and will have its own unique look. 

:::::::::::::::::::You Must Plan on KEEPING SOME ASHES:::::::::::::: *If you plan to scatter your loved one’s ashes, please reserve one teaspoon of ashes aside in a safe place for creating your memorial art besides what you send me. Some reasons to keep some ashes just in case: - Lost in the mail: the artist does not receive the ashes or you do not receive the art - You want to order more art - art drops and break

Replacement Ring Bands and Broken Wire wrap policy for Infusion Glass 
WIRE WRAPs are delicate and should not be worn to bed. If your wrap should break or bend and need fixing I can and will replace the wire wrap . "
RING Bands like adjustable styles can bend and break over bending them - I can remove the mounted cab and replace band at any time. You must buy the new band and pay for shipping. CZ can on some occasions come lose from wear and tear but cannot be replaced. you can have a band replacement for this reason. We only charge supplies and shipping for repairs. Labor is free for repairs. 
  If you buy a adjustable band and want to up grade at a later date The cremation stone can be removed and placed on a new band. This can be done for the cost of the new band plus shipping.
Most of the rings and jewelry is mounted with a high quality glass metal epoxy and should not be worn regularly in hot tub, or swimming to keep safe or long lasting set. But you can wear your ring all the time without worrying. Rings come with a backup emergency replacement stone. 2 year lost stone free stone replacement warranty. Buyers responsible to save the backup stones for warranty. Buyer wears any DIY fill yourself jewelry items or keychains at your own risk. Be sure you glue them well before wearing or using. 
Rings comes with a 2 year warranty for lost stone replacement and comes with an uncut replacement stone.
 all other jewelry comes with a 60 day warranty, repair and replacement plan. Quality Guaranteed. 
100% Genuine Metals, Recycled Sterling Silver 925, 14k Gold, Fine Jewelry. We are continually adding new products. If there is any new product to show not up to quality and is defective in any way please contact us for our quality guarantee 
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