Ash Collection Information InFusion Glass

How much ashes do I need?
Just a pinch.

1 small Nickle size amount of the powered ashes can make 10 rings and pendants. 1small teaspoon can make 50 rings and 10 larger items. I encourage you to send as little as possible. If you ordered 2 items don't send twice as much.

How to send the ashes

After you place your order I will ship your collection kit. Monday or Friday Only. Closed Holidays. Tracking Number for Kit Available by Request Only
Your collection kit will have everything you need to package and ship the ashes to me

you will need to mail me 1 small Nickle size amount per ring pendant

cremation jewelry ashes nickle
Larger Items or Large Art Works orders send 1 small table spoon in a baggie (double bagged ***Labeled with loved ones name)

Collection Kits will come with an addressed envelope.. you will have to provide stamps/shipping for. It will also have two small zip lock bag, a safe travels velvet bag to place your loved one inside, a paper scoop to collect the ashes with. And instructions.
After you place your order, and your collection kit has arrived you will need to mail me the cremation ash (- powder form)
in a baggie to the address of the envelope provided (double bagged ***Labeled with loved ones name) You can label the bag sticker.
**Your crematory can pre package your ashes for your artwork or jewelry. just tell them you want 1 tablespoon set aside for cremation art at a later date. you can also request them to ship the ashes to me.

**1 tablespoon is all I need for Larger Items or Large Art Works. Multiple Large Art Works .

I will only use about a pinch or 1/4 of a teaspoon (about the size of a dime) for a ring, pendant, or keychain. The Tablespoon will give me enough to make as much art or jewelry that you may want to order and the extra is always returned to you.
***It is important that the ash be the finest grain - powder form. I understand that it can be hard to collect. Just do the best you can. Sometimes it is just to difficult to gather the ashes to send. The ash collection is the hardest part. If you feel like you just cant do it, maybe ask a friend to help. Sometimes we can get lost in the stages of grief. please know I understand this process and know it sometimes takes a person weeks to make it through this part of the process. I will send you kind reminder notes every few weeks and will in no way try to rush you or make you feel any added stress. It will happen in it's own time. This is common and If you need someone to talk to please feel free to send me an email for emotional support anytime.
Candle Lighting Infusion Glass

I like to light candles and place the photos in my Studio to welcome your loved one and hang the photo in studio during Infusion..
*If You have a photo Please send a copy or original photo of your loved one to be hung in studio during the ash infusion. I understand not everyone can send a photo. If you do, you can print it in black and white or color on regular paper with your receipt. I send all of this back to you with the unused ash and your artwork. The photo is hung in studio and will be in the background of your photo update that I send to you via email. Connection is important. if your honoring a pet please write to me about your pet if you like. I like to be respectful and feel connected to the spirit being honored. This is all about your healing. You can also just send the ashes. I want it to be a comforting experience. I understand sometimes there are no words or photos during this instance I will still photograph the process and send the updates.

Please answer the questionnaire in your collection kit and send with the returned collection kit

what happens to your loved ones ashes while they are here in studio?

They are welcomed into studio with a special candle lighting. I play music you can request in the questionnaire. I photograph this and the ash dusting sent to you in your updates.  Any religious requests please include in your questionnaire. You will receive updates of studio welcoming and final photos with shipping during your studio schedule.

How do you know your loved ones ashes are in the art?

Ash infusion infusion glass art                       

For those of you who wonder how you will know your loved ones ashes are in the art and are safe I send photos of the entire process. From the moment your loved one arrives You will be sent emails with pictures of their journey. everything from the candle lighting to the in-studio ash infusion. you will see your loved ones photo along side the work being created every step of the way.

* Please fill out the questionnaire .Music is apart of my connection to spirit and to my art.  I like to play a song or even create a playlist they would have liked.. . Connection is important no matter the spirit.

Average Wait~Studio is booked 10 to 30 days from arrival of the ash. Busy season can be longer

::::::::::::::::::DO NOT SEND EXTRA BOXES::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Your Collection Kit will have everything you need to return the ashes to me including shipping envelope. when sending the ashes please just place the ash in the requested baggies and don't place them in an additional box, urn or vessel. I have to return all your items back with your art and have shipping cost based on returning just photos and baggies of ashes back with your art and my own packaging. If it makes you feel better you can place those baggies in an additional envelope before you put it in the shipping envelope but no boxes or urns. ***I will not return extra urns or boxes – you will have to pay extra shipping to get boxes/urns/jars etc. returned to you.
I would sincerely strive to make this emotional decision a warm and comforting experience.

-I understand that this is a difficult time. Sometimes just to difficult to gather the ashes to send. The ash collection is the hardest part. If you feel like you just cant do it, maybe ask a friend to help. Sending me a letter or note with a photo is all supposed to aid in the healing experience that this process offers. Please do your best and take all the time you need.

EMAIL >Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or even emotional support♥
Thank-you so much, Joele Williams
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*If you plan to scatter your loved one’s ashes, please reserve one teaspoon of ashes aside in a safe place for creating your memorial art besides what you send me.

Some reasons to keep some ashes just in case:
- Lost in the mail: the artist does not receive the ashes or you do not receive the art
- You want to order more art
- art drops and breaks
::::::::LOST OR STOLEN MAIL::::::::::::
if your package is lost or stolen I can not return artwork, photos and ashes to you. I do always get a tracking # but cannot be responsible if it is lost or stolen in the mail. you will get the insured amount from the claim from post office. This is also why you should be keeping some ashes.