NEW 6 Inch Ashes InFused Glass Cremation Art 3D Ocean Wave Rod Iron Table Display Memorial

$ 544.00

3D Ocean Waves infused with Cremation ashes are made from more than 300 hand cut slivers of glass. taking more that 8hours to hand build from sheet glass. Kiln Formed Memorial Glass is an ancient process of hand cutting and cold working sheet glass and then firing it at temperatures around 1400 degrees. this process is time consuming and takes anywhere from 5-7 days to create. the glass soaks in high temperatures to anneal the glass giving it the strength and durability to last generation to come.  Capturing the ashes and the last breath forever in glass.

Cremation Glass Art 3D Glass Ocean Wave 5 inch Cremation Ashes InFused Glass Memorial Art Sculpture Rod Iron Stand Included

Work one on one with Me as your Designer to find the keepsake for you. Cremation Infusion is a beautiful remembrance gift and can be handed down from generation to generation. discounted prices for 3 or more. Annealed glass is fused to be durable and should last for generations. Read Ash Collection and Basic Information. See Page Above

Ash Collection Kits with purchase. Ships to you right away with instructions How much ashes do I need? Just a pinch. 1 small nickel size amount of the powered ashes can make 10 rings and pendants. Buyer ships ashes at own risk. See Ash Collection Page Above

Studio Schedule Your work is scheduled in studio blocks of 10 days. First come first serve from the time I get your ashes. Most small items take exactly 5-7 studio days to finish and mail back to you in your studio block. Excluding Holidays and Busy Seasons I am always available if you have any concerns or questions via email. All messages go to my phone.Studio appointment blocks are 10 days from creation to shipping. only 20 spots per studio block. Studio can be booked up to 60. days average wait is 30 days.

The shipping for this item is 35$ this includes your collection kit. If you are buying more than one item I will refund your shipping overages after purchase. this price will cover up to 3 sun catchers and any small  items. USPS Priority Mail 2-5 day Shipping on all cremation art and jewelry includes insurance and tracking. insurance not applicable outside of U.S. Shipping including collection kit insurance and handling. contact me to combine shipping in a private listing. Thank you

Read Policy Page and Ash Collection Page for more information