NEW Tree Of Life Cremation Jewelry Ashes InFused Glass Bohemian Bali Silver Ring For Ashes

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Handmade Cremation Jewelry and Glass Art. Memorials Ashes in Glass Cremation Wind Chimes, Cremation Sun Catchers, Cremation Rings, Custom Glass Art, Infused With Your Loved Ones Ashes by Infusion Glass Artist Joele Williams.

All Special Designed with Cremation Ashes Infused into the Glass. Contact Us for Art Quotes

The belief is our ancestors became trees after they died. The trees undergo the seasonal cycles, shedding their leaves, being barren, and then regrowing their leaves again, flowering, and bearing fruit. symbolizing the cycle of life and rebirth.the natural world was interconnected and that spirits inhabited everything, from trees to rivers, lakes, mountains, and animals.

all jewelry comes with a 60 day warranty, repair and replacement plan

Rings come with a 2 year warranty for lost stone replacement and an uncut replacement stone
100% Genuine Metals Sterling Silver 925, 14k Gold, Fine Jewelry


Ring Sizing

Rings can be re sized by a Jeweler by YOU, this must be done Before we make and set the stone : ADD THIS ITEM TO YOUR CART WITH RING TO HAVE BAND SENT IN YOUR KIT/ SEE DETAILS AND RULES

Space Glass
dichroic stones are hand cut and fired, then cold worked to perfection. The process takes days to create. Dichroic Glass is a 100 year old technique perfected by NASA to put in windows of spacecraft..
This Space Glass shifts in colors and sparkles like stars.


Ash Collection Kits included with purchase. Ships to you right away with instructions.

What can be infused?
Pet Cremation Ashes, Hair, Flowers,Placenta, Beach Sand, Soil InFused
Cremation Ashes are Infused into Glass into a one-of-a-kind cremation memorial.

Read about the ash collection here:

How much ashes do I need?
Just a pinch. 1 small dime size amount of the powdered ashes can make 10 rings and pendants

Studio Schedule average wait is 30 days.
First come first serve from the time I get your ashes. Excluding Holidays and Busy Seasons Studio can be booked up in the holiday months.

Connecting is Everything! It is important while designing your custom memorial that I can feel connected with you and the spirit being honored. I would appreciate a copy of a photo and any other information that would help with the creation of your one-of-a-kind memorial. I am very respectful of spirit and light candles in studio.. I hang pictures in studio and like to play music that you request. I sincerely strive to make this emotional decision a warm and comforting experience. I am on my own journey through grief. I have only one mission and that is to honor spirit. See Policy Page