Ashes Infused Glass Cremation Jewelry

Etsy Artist Joele Williamsย 


Cremation Jewelry Pendants Bracelets and Rings Infused with Cremation Ashes in Glass

Ashes Infused Glass Kiln Formed Memorial Glass is an ancient process of hand cutting and cold working sheet glass and then firing it at temperatures around 1400 degrees. this process is time consuming and takes anywhere from 2 to 5 days to create. the glass soaks in high temperatures to anneal the glass giving it the strength and durability to last generation to come.ย  Capturing the ashes and the last breath forever in glass.

Some jewelry is made from dichroic glass. This is a 100 year old technique perfected by NASA to put in windows of spacecraft. The sparkling colors are made in small batches and has become so rare that orders for the glass is done with waiting lists.

Rings comes with a 2 year warranty for lost stone replacement and an uncut replacement stone.

all other jewelry comes with a 60 day warranty, repair and replacement plan
100% Genuine Metals from the USA made from Recycled Sterling Silver 925, 14k Gold, Fine Jewelry