Ashes Infused Glass Cremation Art & Sculptures

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Cremation Sculptures Photo Memorial Glass Art

Infused with Cremation ashes these glass sculptures are the most difficult to create. The waves and spirals are made from more than 300 hand cut slivers of glass. taking more that 8hours to hand build from sheet glass. Others are made from hand cut sheet glass and crushed glass. Using high fire colorants to hand paint the artwork on each one of a kind work of art. Kiln Formed Memorial Glass is an ancient process of hand cutting and cold working sheet glass and then firing it at temperatures around 1400 degrees. this process is time consuming and takes anywhere from 5-7 days to create. the glass soaks in high temperatures to anneal the glass giving it the strength and durability to last generation to come. Capturing the ashes and the last breath forever in glass.