Grief- Holding On & Letting Go of Cremation Ashes

Grief- Holding On & Letting Go of Cremation Ashes

July 09, 2016

Is a pile of collected Urns and Boxes what you intend on leaving as the legacy of your family when you pass away?

The grieving process seems never ending. People mourn in different ways. It takes time to be able to finally let go of the pain while also not forgetting and becoming able to celebrate the past. While many people are able to find a sense of closure after going through the funeral or memorial services or just a gathering of people reminiscing in tribute, some are not able to let go. The process of planning and contacting people, and speaking with relatives keeps the mind and schedule busy, and in a sense, keeps your loved one alive. After the services are over and what is called “normal life” resumes all around you, it can be the most difficult of times.

Letting go is something unfortunately some find they simply cannot do, especially when cremation is involved. Unless the ashes were placed in a formal memorial they often get carried around or stored away, even in a closet. Unfortunately this is common with a loved family pet as well. Leaving some of us to become “bone collectors” so to speak. If this is you, you know that letting go is part of the process of healing. Letting go is also one of the hardest things to do. As the days, weeks and years pass, your life and time ticks away and your loved ones ashes are still with you, meaning you have not really let go at all.

Is this a disservice to the final resting place of your loved ones and even to yourself. stifling your ability to move forward and cluttering your life by holding onto the past? Holding on to what most people have- a “Box’, “Urn”, or “Urns”. I know some people have the ashes of their entire family and animals too. Is a pile of collected Urns and Boxes what you intend on leaving as the legacy of your family when you pass away?

What if I told you you could Let go and hold on at the same time. What if the ashes could be more than ashes in a “box”. If you could take the ashes of your loved one and turn them into a cremation memorial, a work of Art or even turn them into a stone that you could wear or keep in your pocket. Forever trapped in glass that could be handed down from generation to generation. Not only could you keep the ashes with you but you may even find yourself strong enough to Let your loved one reconnect to the earth. from dust we come and to dust we return.

With the growing popularity of cremation so is the popularity of cremation art. People want to hold on to the ashes and most people don’t know about cremation art. Imagine the cremation ashes of your loved one captured forever into an unbelievable work of art. Infused into glass that can be handed down from generation to generation. What better way to capture the spirit of your loved one. Imagine a beautiful wind chime or sun catcher that the sun light shines through the ashes. Imagine a wonderful glass sculpture on your mantle of an ocean wave with the cremation ashes in the crest. Imagine a wonderful candle you can light that illuminates the ashes of your loved one inside the glass. Cremation memorial art is not just jewelry anymore.

I create one-of-a-kind works of art and jewelry that Infuses your loved one forever into glass. Everything I make is a special design. I work one on one with you to create a memorial that fits your loved one.Placing your loved ones, cremation ashes into glass is a beautiful, respectful, and loving way to show your appreciation and remembrance for the life that brought you so much joy. A glass cremation keepsake is the perfect way to show your love and remembrance and can be handed down from generation to generation