Hair Infused Glass Earrings Sterling Silver Memorial Mourning Jewelry

$ 131.66 $ 111.91

Hair Infused Glass Pendant Sterling Silver Memorial Jewelry Mourning Jewelry, Hair Art Forever InFused in Glass. Made to Order Human Hair, Pet, Horse Tail or Maine and Cremation Ashes inside Glass Keepsakes and Jewelry

I hand dye each strand of hair with oxides and then when I kiln form the glass the hair burns off infusing into the glass leaving behind wonderful color splashes where the hair once was.

Cat Hair, Dog Hair, Horse Hair , Human Hair Infused into glass using Colors!! custom designed for you - Lets design one together.

All new hair Collection Kits with purchase. Ships to you right away with instructions
only need 5 to 10 strands of hair a small lock of hair is best

*Everything I make is a special design. I work one on one with you .

Hair Collection Kits with purchase. Ships to you with instructions How much Hair do I need? Just small lock. . Buyer ships at own risk.


Studio Schedule Your work is scheduled in 10 day studio blocks. first come first serve from the time i get your ashes. Most small items take exactly 7 studio days to finish and mail back to you in your studio block. Excluding Holidays and Busy Seasons I am always available if you have any concerns or questions via email. All messages go to my phone.

Shipping includes insurance. insurance is based on the value of the items ordered.  I will refund your shipping overages after purchase. USPS Priority Mail 2-3day/15 international. Shipping on all cremation art and jewelry includes insurance and tracking. insurance not applicable outside of U.S. Shipping including handling. contact me to combine shipping in a private listing.or if you have problems during checkout.

 Care Jewelry all come with a repair and replacement plan, Rings include a uncut replacement stone. Stones are mounted with a high quality glass metal epoxy.  Buyers responsible to save the backup uncut stone and some ashes for repairs and replacement..Cleanings and Stone Polishing also Available .

Buyer wears any of my Jewelry at your own risk.